Top Picks: 7 cutest dresses for this Spring/Summer 2014

Need a new inspiration for your upcoming outfits for this Spring/Summer 2014?  This Spring/Summer a cute and comfy dresses are definitely a must have especially if you love the ‘Otome kei’ (girly and sweet).  We have gathered 7 cutest dresses from DreamV, a Japanese shop that sells totally adorable clothing.


1.  Ribbon pocket dress with long sleeves

A simple yet, cute long sleeves dress with ribbon and lace details.  Comes in four colors – pink, brown, bordeaux, and navy.


More info on Ribbon Pocket Dress

2.  Sailor neckline and Pleats Dress

Get ready for an adorable new item!  This dress comes in two piece – sailor cardigan and pleats dress.  Comes in six color variation – pink, blue, navy, black, border, and flower pattern.

3.  Original Alice Print Dress

An exclusive design with printing and highlights.  This dress has a very sweet and girly style, also a cute casual lolita dress.

4.  Princess Floral dress with pom-poms and tiered back design

This dress comes in four color ways – cream, sax, bordeaux, and brown.  Sweet and spring princess style!

5.  Girly polka-dot dress

Light and sweet chiffon dress, perfect for the summer days.

6.  Princess Jumper skirt

A lovely dress that comes in four color variations – pink, sax, bordeaux, and black.  Tip: coordinate with long sleeve blouse for a fairy tale style.

7.  Antique Floral design dress

Chiffon dress with antique floral prints.  This dress is adorned with bows and lace.  Comes in three colors – cream, pink, and mint.

Items and Photos from DreamV Rakuten