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20 Cute Asian Fashion Style Inspiration

Here are some cute Asian Fashion style ideas and inspiration for your next outfit.  Check out these 20 kawaii styles. 1. Favorite Original Fairy Girl Chiffon Dress Where to buy? Here 2. Favorite Aurora Chiffon Flare Skirt Where to buy? Here 3. Osharewalker Pure Vintage Somari Dress Where to buy? Here 4. Favorite Magical Multicolor Chiffon Skirt Where to buy? Here 5. DreamV Soft ...

New trend: Kohaku dress collection


Here's a cool new trend from osharewalker.  This dress has a very cool and loose style.  Only comes in one color and one size as well.  Check it out. Where to buy?  Here (Item & Photo from Osharewalker Rakuten)

3 Cat themed t-shirts

Need a new inspiration for your style?  Check out these cat themed t-shirts.  They're cute, cool and fun. 3 Cat themed t-shirts 1.  Cat Embroidered top and skirt Set: Cat Embroidered Cropped Top + Cat Print A-Line Skirt 2.  Cat print long top Short-Sleeve Cat-Print Long Top 3.  Short sleeve cat print shirt Short-Sleeved Beaded Cat Print T-Shirt

Fashion Style: Ruffle Top from DreamV


DreamV has released a very cute ruffle top.  This top comes in two sizes - Medium and Large.  And four color ways - ivory, pink, grey and navy.  A very cute style for this season. Where to buy?  Here (Item & Photo from DreamV Rakuten)

Top 3 Cute Pink Bags

Ready for a new style this season?  Here are some of the top cutest pink bags we found at  These bags have such cute and trendy style.  Check them out: Top 3 Cute Pink Bags: 1.  Cross body pink bag Faux-Leather Crossbody Bag Pink - One Size 2.  Drawcord bucket bag Drawcord Bucket Bag Pink - One Size 3.  Pocket ...